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[Product name] Thiourea, Thiocarbamide

[Formula] (NH2)2CS

[Molecular Weight] 76.12

[Feature] White crystal powder, bitter-taste, combustible, specific gravity 1.406, melting point 170-172℃. Soluble in water and alcohol, easily soluble in hot water, insoluble in ether.


Technical IndexTop Class
Thiourea (%)98.5 Min.
Loss on heating (%)0.50 Max.
Ash (%)0.15 Max.
Water-immiscible substance (%)0.05 Max.
Sulforhodanide(calculating as CNS)%0.05 Max.
Melting Point (℃)170 Min.

[Application] Mainly used as intermediate in pharmaceutical, sulfuration accelerator in rubber industry, floatation agent in mining, as well as treatment agent in fabrics and paper, auxiliary in printing and dyeing and petroleum. It can also be used in metallurgy, electroplating and pesticide.

[Package]         25 kg PP woven bags or as per customer’s requirement.