Application of Polyetheramine

 Dasteck     |      2024-05-06 19:36:15

Our Polyetheramine (PEA) series products are multi-purpose chemical which main uses, including:

(1)    High-performance composite materials: Polyetheramine can be used as a high-performance curing agent for epoxy resin to produce high-strength, high-toughness composite materials.
(2) Polyurea: As a key component of polyurea materials, there are many application examples in the waterproof structure of concrete structures such as high-speed rail bridges, sea-crossing bridges, dams, large venues, etc., and have shown excellent performance;
(3) Coating: Polyetheramine has low viscosity. When used in epoxy floor or anti-corrosion coating, it can reduce the amount of solvent and reduce the viscosity of the system.
(4) Adhesive: As an epoxy resin curing agent, it has excellent toughness and fatigue resistance after being fully cured, and is widely used in adhesives and structural adhesives;
(5) Jewelry: It has extremely light color and better yellowing resistance. Therefore, polyetheramines can be used in the manufacture of jewelry.

(6) Gasoline detergent: Polyetheramine has excellent detergency, dispersion, demulsification, corrosion inhibition and anti-oxygen performance, which can be used to inhibit the formation of deposits in automobile injectors, inlet valves and combustion chambers.

(7) Used for RIM(reaction injection molding) products, such as wind power blade adhesive curing agent, building structure adhesive curing agent, electronic sealing adhesive curing agent, etc.

(8) Used as viscosity increasing agent for polyurethane sealant

In addition, Polyetheramine is also used for curing composite materials such as fishing rods, golf clubs and tennis rackets.