Thiourea Dioxide

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Chemical Name: Thiourea Dioxide

Synonyms: Formamidine Sulfinite Acid, Aminoiminomethanesulphinic Acid, Methanesulfinic acid, aminomino

Chemical Formula:CH4N2O2S

CAS #:  1758-73-2

Molecular Weight:108.12

Structure Formula: Thiourea Dioxide

Technical Index

Appearance:        free-flowing white crystal powder

Active ingredients:99% Min

Thiourea :    0.1% Max

Moisture:    0.05% Max

Ash:        0.17% Max

Iron:      0.001% Max


Thiourea Dioxide is an odorless white powder, a stable compound without oxidizability and reducibility. Solubility in water 26.7g/l at 20℃, saturated aqueous solution pH5.0. Thiourea Dioxide is very stable even in 20-30℃ aqueous solution, but it decomposes gradually to form sulfinic acid under heat and alkali conditions.


Thiourea Dioxide is mainly used in dyeing industry, pulp industry, organic synthesis in synthetic fiber industry, as well as an additive in polymerization, stabilizer for polythene, sensitizer of photographical emulsion and so on. Thiourea Dioxide has the advantages of safe handling and storage, high redox potential and efficiency.

Storage and Handling:

Keep Thiourea Dioxide in a cool, dry and ventilated place. Avoid damp, insolation and rain. Keep away from heat, sparks, flames, alkalis or oxidizing agents.


25 kg / 80 kg net kraft paper bag / plastic woven bag

50 kg fiber drum

500 kg jumbo bag