Strong Reductive Agent SRA-1

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Being an excellent alternative to Sodium Hydrosulfite, our new product Strong Reductive Agent SRA-1 offers the advantages of wide application, less dosage, environmental friendly, high reduction potential and powerful reductive capacity, stable performance, odorless, mild reaction and less fiber loss.

Appearance:            white powder

Solubility(20℃):   35~40g/L


1.Reductive clearing for disperse dye

2.Dyeing for sulfur and vat dye

3.Machine cleaning

4.Discharge of silk


1. Reductive Clearing For Disperse Dye

recommended dosage: SRA-1      1.0~1.5%   T=85℃

NaOH50%   1~2%

Surfactant   1~2%


2. Machine Cleaning

recommended dosage:SRA-1        4~6 %     T=100℃

NaOH50%   2~4%     

Surfactant   2~4%


Storage:Store in a cool, dry, ventilated area.