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[Chemical Name]: dicyandiamide; cyanoguanidine 

[Formula]: C2H4N4 

[Structural Formula]:


[Molecular Weight]: 84.08 

[Properties]: White crystal powder with density of 1.40g/cm3(at 25°C) and  209-211°C melting point. It is soluble in water and alcohol, almost insoluble in ethylether and benzene, stable when dry, non-flammable. 

[Application]: Mainly used as a raw material for preparing guanamine, biguanide, various resins, trimeric cyanamide, fire retardant etc. Used as filler in leatherette and as additives in adhesives. Also used as material for making guanidine nitrate, sulfadiazine, virusin etc. In dyeing industry, it is used for making dye auxiliaries. It is used for making accelerator of vulcanizing in rubber industry and for making colour fixatives in printing and dyeing industry; for making curing agent on the surface of iron and steel; for making synergist in chemical fertilizer industry. 

[Packing]: Packed in 25 kg net plastic woven bag with PE inner liner


ItemPremium grade
AppearanceWhite crystal
Impurity precipitating testAcceptable
Purity %≥99.5
Dry loss %≤0.30
Ash content %≤0.05
Calcium content ppm≤200